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Beauty Photography By Immortal Photography

Another day another click of the shutter; on Sunday our lens was graced by Candice, a lovely model and passionate fitness enthusiast. This lady loves the gym and trains with a singleminded and determination that shows in every aspect of her character.

Looking to capture a different side to this gym junkie we opted for a few softer and sexy images by degrees. It seems that whether in the gym or in front of the lens Candice is definitely in her element, relaxed, strong and easy to work with, it was a wonderful experience shooting with her and chatting between takes.

She and our Makeup artist; Lee Chaldecott who is a fitness model in her own right, had some pretty deep discussions about their various routines and exercises. 
Both walked away with some new knowledge and I walked away with a memory card full of beautiful images; a morning well spent and much learned all around.

Thank you Candice for a wonderful shoot, we’ll be keeping an eye on your continuing fitness progress and look forward to you and our MUA Lee competing side by side in a future fitness contest! Go Gym Junkie Go!!!

Beauty Photography By Immortal Photography  Beauty Photography By Immortal Photography Beauty Photography By Immortal Photography

Beauty Photography By Immortal Photography

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