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Sarah’s Skeletal Shoot

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sarah skull 1 lgo2

Our Latest alternative shoot was a basic makeup and lighting test in the Fashion studio, trying out a new ring light and strip box.

We decided to try out a skull type makeup, nothing too heavy, 30 Minutes in the Chair with our makeup artist, and some basic hair.

Our latest (victim) model was the Gorgeous and willing Sarah Moodley, a wonderful model with the most stunning eyes, great energy in the studio she really kept the atmosphere light hearted and fun. Looking forward to working with her again.

We ended up doing some neutral tone with 2 light sources and then some controlled low key with a single flash and dish for fill. In retrospect it would have been more interesting to fire a gelled flash through a cookie at the backdrop to create a more interesting depth, but as this was an exercise in exposing key elements on the makeup only, it was alright to keep it black.

sarah skull 2sara skull 4sarah skull 3sara skull inverse

Quick and dirty the photo side didn’t take too long and was a pleasing result for a fun experiment in exposure controlled shooting with the new lights.



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