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So as you may or may not have noticed our website has had a facelift, much as we had a lot of fun with the old website and theme, it was time to make some serious changes which allow us to better serve our customers, namely a website which is easy to navigate and quick to load with readily accessible content. Due in no small part to the words of far wiser men (Kurt Schoerie of Frozen Chimez Animation) we are now equipped to interact with our fans and clients on a far more extensive level. We will soon be creating a new forum within our website which will allow us to answer questions and provide tutorials and assistance to our web audience. 

And so it is with a fond wave and a smile that we bid farewell to our old website and styling. Please bear with us as we work some of the kinks out of the new site and upload the galleries from the old server.

Whilst we have made some visual changes as well as changes to layout and content, we certainly have not changed in terms of our commitment to quality, our desire to push boundaries and our love of what we do. Passion is what drives us and as we enter this new stage of our professional outlook we are excited to do so with the same foundations which brought us this far, as we grow from strength to strength and expand into new and unexpected genres and we will do so with a spirit of  curiosity, gratitude and above all else, fun; if there is one thing to be said it is that we love what we do and this is what drives us forwards. That in itself will forever remain; Immortal.


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