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Marian Hards Fitness Photography By Immortal Photography

One shoot that stood out for Immortal Photography in studio  his week was a fitness progress shot with the charismatic Marian Hards, a working wife and mother of two, she recently decided it was time for a change, and decided to pursue her fitness ambitions, determined to achieve her goals, she approached Crain Brown for both tailor made exercises and diet plans, if the name Craig Brown sounds familiar its probably because you’ve heard most fitness athletes mention is at one time or another.

Owner and Founder of CSB Body Fusions Craig has helped many aspiring as well as professional finiteness athletes achieve their goals.

Marian has been working on her transformation for 6 weeks & following Craigs plan for 5; the results speak for themselves, “I only wish I had found him sooner” She admitted during our shoot, be that as it may; she has worked wonders in that short time, dropping an astonishing 6.6 Kgs overall!

Hard work and determination certainly pay off, Craig himself had nothing but praise for Marian;
“As a client she is incredibly dedicated , one of the most I have had the pleasure working with, both in diet and in the gym, we had a time frame for the photos and did the best we could within that time frame, but not losing sight of the long term goal of one day gracing the stage.”

We look forward to seeing Marian’s continued progress on her journey towards the stage and are both inspired and motivated by her passion and perseverance.

Marian Hards Fitness Photography By Immortal Photography Marian Hards Fitness Photography By Immortal PhotographyFitness Photography By Immortal Photography

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