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After what was an incredibly long week filled with a variety of different shoots I found myself with a morning to myself. I wasn’t feeling like editing and I felt like I needed a break so I took the morning off and retreated to my hammock,  20 minutes into my siesta I was disturbed by the buzzing of numerous yellow and black furry little insects obviously up bright and early to begin their harvesting. 

They made me feel lazy by comparison and I felt the need to at the very least; pretend to be productive. I am very fond of Bee’s I have an almost ‘Winnie the Pooh’ esque mentality towards them; in that they are there to make honey. For me. It is a symbiosis of sorts although granted it is one which they are unaware and probably unwilling participants, much of my childhood has been spent fishing bee’s out of swimming pools and placing them back on flowers to dry off, I find my fuzzy little friends to be significantly better company than a lot of people I know, but I digress. Suitably inspired I snatched up the first camera I saw and ventured off to document the morning activities of my unwitting sugar suppliers. 

Macro was the only way to go and so it was that I spent the next 60 minutes following the workers with a camera glued to my eye in what must have looked like something out of a Mr Magoo cartoon. I found them circling a Rose which in itself was odd as for some reason I had always thought that Bee’s did not like roses, be that as it may; I set up my camera and lights and began documenting the the productive little fellows. My date with nature drew to a close when I found a dead bee on the windowsill next to the rose bush. 

I decided to build a funeral pyre for this brave little creature who sought so selflessly to provide for the colony and ultimately expired in the line of duty. Silly as it sounds it did make me aware in a pseudo profound way of the transience of life and what we fill our days with.  Little Hemmingway had fought the good fight, he had laboured hard, fulfilled his purpose and the great Hive in the sky had called him home. The colony was now a little stronger its future a little brighter, it’s Queens continued reign assured for another day because of the actions of one amongst thousands. 

And so it was that little Hemmingway was tenderly placed upon his funeral pyre, in sight of the rose which he so dutifully courted in life. This photoshoot is dedicated to Tootie Von Wu and all other lovers of our cute and furry little harvesters, without which no flowers would bloom and toast would be eaten plain.

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