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K.I.S.S keep it simple stupid. usually the best way to approach a shoot when pressed for time.

So our gear check continued with another impromptu shoot, it’s always important to me at least to reevaluate the uses of gear that one has, all that glitters is not gold and gold may not always glitter. So far we have set a number of items on the shelf for “not likely to be used” and dusted off some old equipment which we had forgotten about. 

Often the simplest things work the best and its easy to forget that in an industry which glorifies each new toy as it comes out, convincing us that we simply have to have it. With our in house victim Model and MUA  Lee Chaldecott, who is always keen to play around in front of the lens; we continued testing our gear, we had a fast and furious 30 minute shoot with heavier fashion makeup, facial and ¾ body shots again using minimal lighting and what we be judged by many to be “sub standard” Lenses. It’s a matter for debate, do we like our 2.8 Canon 70-200? sure we do, but we know that you can get a crisp image with that. What about the lower end lenses that many people start out with? We think there is credit in keeping some of that glass. 

We were happy with the results, the images themselves required almost no retouching and we achieved the look we were going for which was more of an edgy but simplistic vogue fashion look. Our followup speed light test took place outside the studio and will follow up shortly.

 Beauty Photography By Immortal Photography Beauty Photography By Immortal Photography Beauty Photography By Immortal Photography

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