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Yesterday we took 20 minutes to photograph Lee’s dress which she had sewn for the WBFF fitness contest, it seemed a waste to let such a masterpiece go un-captured.

Always game for a new look, Lee shaved her head into a slightly more alternative look, we shot a few in studio shots, but then decided that we wanted something a little more contextual; so we took to the great outdoors armed with a single flash and a reflector. The shoot was incredibly quick, incredibly quick because the rain suddenly began bucketing down, in the middle of winter no less!

We were literally dodging raindrops and trying to find that precious balance between getting the shot we wanted and risking our equipment, when the skies truly opened we realised that we had outstayed our welcome and a mad rush to get the cameras and flashes under cover ensued!

Be that as it may, we captured the look that we were aiming for and these sorts of things are always good to laugh about afterwards. :)

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