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Professional Photographers based in Johannesburg; providing quality photography, videography and make up services.


adjective : Undying, enduring, eternal, ever lasting

Immortal is a team of professional creatives with skill sets ranging from film & Photography to Professional Makeup & Styling based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

With a passion for visual Art the teams love affair with capturing the unique and abstract has spanned over the last 22 years. The teams dedication to excellence in their work stands for itself. With a somewhat crazed and sometimes different view of photography and beauty we aim to push our boundaries and explore the limits of the craft and of ourselves.

With a diverse array of available services ranging from Photography of all genres to Special effects makeup and commercial shoots both photographic and cinematic the team is well equipped to take on any new challenge and breathe life into concepts.


Immortal Photography, Johannesburg, South Africa |  Corporate Photography | Portrait Photography | Fine Art Photography | Fitness Photography| Body-painting| Commercial Photography | Fashion Photography | Makeup Services | email: mobile:  0832561988/0823847814

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